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5 Top Wizzair Destinations 2018

Wizzair airlines offer you an opportunity to visit amazing locations in Europe. Since the launch of Wizzair airlines, all this airline has done is amaze its customers with the services they offer and their ability to take them to the most exciting cities in Europe. Here are a couple of destinations Wizzair airlines is making possible this year:



Budapest is one of the most exciting tourist destinations in Eastern Europe. It offers you lots of historical sites, five-star restaurants and amazing outdoor activities you could engage in with your loved ones. The one thing you cannot miss doing while in Budapest is taking a walking tour around the historic Castle hill. Castle hill is the rich in history as well as culture. A tour around this place will give you an opportunity to experience history.



Sometimes you just want to fly to a different city, away from your troubles and your work. Wizzair airlines offer you the opportunity to do this. Fly over to Craiova and have a time of your life there. There are over 200 things you can do in this city. The musical fountain, for instance, is one thing that will surely take your breath away. You can sit there and just listen to the music as you watch the fountain’s water gracefully shoot to the sky.



In as much as travelling is about exploring, you also want to relax. To get the best of Europe, book a flight with Wizzair airlines to Debrecen and visit the Aquaticum Medicinal and Thermal Baths. There is no other place on earth that could give you the kind of fun and relaxation you will have here. The baths are always clean, organized and the slides are built in a way that you get maximum fun and pleasure.



Nothing beats nature. Are your tired of the city business, exhaust filled air and artificial plants in the lobby? Take a trip to Cluj-Napoca. This city is the home of the Tamita Lake, Botanical Garden and the Cetatuia Hill. These places are completely natural with beautiful scenery and lots of places to have picnics and hikes. This destination makes it possible for you to have that much-needed rest and relaxation only Mother Nature can give you.



As much as it is fun to go out and discover things that no one else knew existed, it is also fun to go out and see what has already been done and seen by other people. Belgrade gives you this opportunity. It is one of the cities around the World rich in historical facts and ventures. Here, you get to relive the olden days and it’s amazing facts. A visit to this place will change your perspective to life as you know it.

When it comes to leisure destinations, Europe is the place to be. It has the best hotels, all kinds of destinations you have in mind and most of all, the best ways to get to these destinations. Wizzair airlines is the best way to any of the leisure destinations you want.