Apps to Boost Productivity


Most people that have used social media a while know this one. You basically dump all of your tweets, retweets, and links into it and it schedules them out in predefined times that you’ve set. That way, your followers never get bombarded by 3 tweets in a row. Buffer works with a host of services. Twitter, Facebook, Facebook pages, Google Plus, and more. They have a great blog too!

Pablo by Buffer

A free service by the people of Buffer. This allows you to upload an image and put text on top of it. It even lets you send a tweet or Facebook post from the page. It’s quick and with a few great fonts to choose from, it looks good too. Be careful, though. Because it’s free, others will be using many of the same images and fonts.


Canva is an all purpose social media image maker. Select pre-defined templates, use their images, or upload your own. This is done through an iPad app. It’s really easy to use. It syncs online, so sometimes there’s some lag, but a great free tool (they’re changing some things up soon too!)

PicLab HD

An iOS app to put text on pictures. Available for just a couple of bucks and has some great illustrations available as in app purchases. Great for quick, in the moment, text photos.


A great little iOS app for text videos. Place your own text and it inserts it into a cool video or GIF. Lots of great options here


I use the video version of this one. I lets me take our Sunday sermons and make them into a square format. Quick and easy.


Where is the iPad Instagram app?? This is a client that let you look at your instagram feed, like, and comment. I use this for my personal account on my iPad and use the iPhone version of Instagram on my iPad to post to our church’s account. That way, I don’t have to sign in and out on my phone all of the time.


A file sharing app. This lets you upload and link to images. This is great for quick files you just want to have available later.

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