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Sticks Gatherings In 2014…

We can’t wait to come to these areas in 2014! Our 2014 One Days will be more practical and hands on than ever. The cost for each day is just $29/person. Click on the event below to view specific location, times, and to order tickets.

November 20, 2014 – A Day N The Sticks – Hot Springs Ark (Click here)

Our theme this year is aim small… it’s the small things that are the keys to BIG impact.

During One Days in 2014, we’ll be talking about developing a Ministry Action Plan and Managing your goals as a church. Here’s a summary of each session…

Developing a great Ministry Action Plan (M.A.P.)
A good church leader knows the vision and how to cast it. But, a great church leader knows the vision, has a contagious passion…and develops a simple M.A.P. that gives clear direction to see the vision accomplished.

There are 3 questions that need answering when developing such a plan…
What’s working for us now?
What’s broken and needs fixing or deleting?
What do we need but don’t have?

Using free tools and templates we will show you how to write a strong/flexible plan that gives direction to your team, leadership and congregation.

Managing Your Church
You hear it all the time, “If we had only known” that wouldn’t have happened or we could’ve changed that sooner. Many of those goof ups that cost a church could have turned out differently if they would have done three simple things:

Record it
We have to have simple systems that give us accurate sound information. But they have to recorded in the right manner if that information is useful. It’s way beyond attendance and giving!

Review it
Having great info becomes busy work if it’s not reviewed systematically so we know where we are. And not just butts and bucks, all the things that contribute to those and real Kingdom growth.

Renew it
Change is so much easier to make if there is real information that points to the need to change. When we have systems that are recorded, reviewed and then when change is necessary it’s much easier to know where the change needs to occur.

We’ll give you the tools necessary to put these in place. Remember, a bad plan is better than no plan!