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How to Travel With Kids the Right Way

Traveling with kids is immensely challenging and rewarding in equal measure. This article will focus on the right way to travel with kids. Just wanted to share a few helpful hints, tips and tricks to ensure no unhappy children or parents for that matter, whilst travelling. Pretty much smooth sailing and absolutely no turbulence, if you know what I mean.

Take your time
This is important. Try to take your time and avoid rushing. Be aware of the fact that toddlers when in a new environment (like an airport) will want to explore. Remember that toddlers have a different sense of time than you. So, be sure to leave well ahead of time, allowing your child to explore their new surroundings.

Keep germs away
Make sure you have hand sanitizers or antibacterial wipes in your handbag. This is important if there are no washing facilities immediately available. You of course will want to keep your child happy and healthy while travelling.

Keep them busy
This one you probably already know but a gentle reminder never hurts. Make sure you’ve got books, crayons, paper, hand puzzles, stickers or even plasticine to keep your little one busy.

I promise, this is NOT as bad as it sounds. But if you are travelling in busy place like a train station or an airport-it is possible that you may get separated from your little one. So, it might help if you write your phone number on their arm, in the event of them getting lost. Hopefully, a kind Samaritan will spot it and call you straight away.

kids on a plane

We do our best to keep our kids happy pretty much all the time. But to keep them happy at
30,000 can be a bit of a challenge. Fear not. Here are some handy tips.

1. Invest in a tablet, portable DVD player or hand held game (if you have not already).
2. Give your child small wrapped presents-for good behaviour-maybe every half hour or so. Presents can include things like: small stuffed animals, stickers or even treats.
3. Don’t forget their favourite pillow and/or blanket. This will immediately make them feel at ease in a new and foreign environment.
4. Take some sweets-this will help with take off and landing when children may experience a popping sound in their ears. Its also great for adults too!
5. Give them healthy foods with natural sugars such as raisins, grapes and cherry tomatoes. You probably already know that any excessive sugar can sometimes be a nightmare. Best to avoid that while on a plane (if you can). Of course this contradicts with number 4-but like most things-just aim for moderation.

If you plan on staying in a hotel, always ask for a family rate. Also, ask whether or not there is a kids club available.

When you arrive at your new destination, be sure to mark out a designated ‘meeting point’ in the event that you are separated from your kids-always head to that point-hopefully you will find one another.

Being (and staying) healthy
You will need several changes of clothing. Try to stick to natural fibers-as sweat can irritate delicate skin.

Always aim to purchase bottled water. Make sure your little ones don’t drink from drinking fountains or drink tap water.

And most of ALL….have a wonderful time!