Only Those Who Encounter God Can Lead Others

My whole life I’ve been impatient. I have often looked for ways in the past to find that golden shortcut to provide the perfect product but just not at such high a price. We all know such golden products simply don’t exist without a price, nor without waiting for God. I’ve been reading in Leviticus […]

Effort: The One Limitless Resource

MANY THINGS IN LIFE HAVE A SHORT SUPPLY. I can’t go shopping on a random spring day and slide my debit card over and over without realizing that, at some point, the thing is going to get declined.

Mistakes Young Leaders Make that Kill Development

The world and church is in desperate need of young leaders…. good young leaders. We need senior leaders who are willing to begin passing the torch to the next generation. As I look at other young leaders and leaders in general, I see 2 common mistakes that seem to most often stifle leadership development. Impatience […]

7 Ways to Encourage Innovation in Your Team

Most leaders want to lead an innovative organization. We don’t necessarily have to be the first to do something new, but we don’t want to be years behind either. As conservative as we might be — as long as we remain true to our core values — we still want to be “cutting edge” to […]

3 Bad Systems Your Church Needs

A bad system is better than no system at all. I love what I heard Andy Stanley said once, “Your system is perfectly suited for the results you’re getting.” It’s quite easy to have no system and therefore have practically no results. So, a bad system that produces “bad” results is at least a place […]

Essentials For Leading Change

Never Drop Anchor Like anything that is living and growing, the church must be in a constant state of change. If the church doesn’t change, it’s like dropping an anchor in a race! Which ensures the progress of our adversary.