Ways to Be More Likeable

Let’s face it, in a world where we’re hearing, “Do whatever makes you happy,” more and more, we need more nice and Likeable people.

likeable-1024x425It’s easy, when you’re around this constant selfish attitude to fall prey to living in your bubble and not speaking to and associating with others. At the end of the day, though, life is better when we’re in tune with the people around us. Its better when we have our heads’ up and our earphones off. Remember, you can still get people to help you more and get further if you’re nice to other. Politeness is always free to give.

Here are 3 ways to be more people friendly and more likeable.

Be the first to speak.

You get on the elevator, the person already there is staring straight ahead and doesn’t even ask you what floor you’re going to. Be the first to say, “How are you?” You don’t have to be annoying or creepy, just nice.

You have a friend you’ve kind of lost touch with but you think about often. Be the one to make a phone call or send a Facebook message.

Mornings are like having your fingernails ripped out to people at your office. No one says, “Good morning,” or gives a head nod really. Be the one to speak at the coffee pot or the door. Again, don’t be a loser and over do it, but speak first. Be nice. It’ll change your day and some other people’s days along the way.

Make eye contact.

As you’re walking in the store at the mall, the employee is at the door and is given the job to greet customers. Most of the other customers are going to stare down at the floor or their phones and never acknowledge the greeter. Look up, make eye contact. Let them know you care.

You’re waiting in line to get nachos at the game. Everyone is looking at their phones. Look up. Find someone to make eye contact with and greet. It’ll make your wait better (I like to pretend it takes away calories from those nachos too).

Use your manners.

What Mom taught you can still be practiced. When the waiter refills your water, say, “Thank you.” When you’re trying to get on the subway and it’s crowded, say, “Excuse me.” When someone elderly is around say, “Sir,” and “Ma’am.”

Those are just a few things that can improve the lives of those around us and ours as well. If we go around ignoring people, well miss out on so much of life and fail to complete or real mission on earth. Be nice. It’s okay for people to not like you, but it’s not okay for it to be your fault.

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