7 Ways to Make Yourself Invaluable to A Team

  1. Be a chief encourager. Be one who helps people feel better about themselves and their contribution to the team.
  2. Support the vision and direction. Be honest about it, but be a verbal proponent of the overall objectives of the team and where things are going. Be a known team player.
  3. Respect others. In the way you treat and respond to everyone on the team.
  4. Give more than required. That doesn’t mean you have to work more hours. It might. But it might mean you work smarter than everyone else. Plan your day better. Be better at setting goals and objectives. Hold yourself accountable.
  5. Be an information hub. Be well read and share what you learn. Information is king. Be the king of it. Without being obnoxious — of course.
  6. Celebrate other people’s success. Send notes or encouragement. Brag on someone else. Tell others what you admire about them. Without being creepy — of course.
  7. Be a good listener. Everyone loves the person they can go to and know they won’t just be heard they will be listened to. A good person to bounce ideas off of his invaluable to the team. Then keep every confidence.

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