Stop Being A Car Chasing Leader

We’ve all seen dogs that chase cars. It’s funny they like to try and catch up with a car going 40 mph and bark and growl like they really have a chance of catching it.

As pastors and leaders, we’re all guilty of trying to catch something that is simply going too fast. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have big God goals and visions, but they have to be based on what we KNOW He wants to do around and through us.

2 things about chasing “cars” as a leader…

1. You need to chase something you can actually catch.

God gifted you and placed you. There are certain things you just aren’t going to be called to do. Don’t get me wrong, God can certainly add to you what He needs you to have, but consider who He’s made you when you dream. Is what you’re dreaming something that He’s told you to do or something that you just wanna do.

If it’s an “us” dream, we’ll never catch it… we’ll be like the stupid dog chasing the car. If it’s a “God” dream, He’ll help us get there. Hear Him. Trust Him.

2. You need to pace yourself.

That dog always comes up short and walks back out of breath. As a leader, we have to pace ourselves. I’ve seen too many times leaders that start out with good and Godly goals, but chase too hard and too alone and run out of wind.

Pace yourself. Be sure to fill up along the way.

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